Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆

Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆 - EP65

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

While visiting Father Joseph, Zhou Ying is surprised to learn from him that her late husband, Wu Pin, was probably poisoned by Du Ming Li who had hosted Wu Pin to lunch. Yet an even greater surprise is awaiting Zhou Ying when she brings her son to his new teacher who turns out to be Shen Xingyi, a man she loved deeply but thought to have died in prison. 周莹到教堂拜会约瑟夫神父,才知吴聘死时口鼻流血,可能是在与杜明礼午膳时,遭他暗中在饮食里下毒。更令周莹意想不到的是,当她带领怀先去他的新学堂时,出来迎接他们的,竟是她以为已经死于狱中的沈星移。

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