Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆

Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆 - EP67

44 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Shen Xingyi decides to go elsewhere to build even more modern schools as he believes that only good education can save a declining China. Meantime, Emperor Guang Xu is placed under house arrest by order of Empress Dowager Ci Xi for advocating changes in the systems. 沈星移决定再到另外一个地方,建立更多的现代学堂,因为他相信,唯有教育才能救得了,日渐衰败的中国。与此同时,主张变法维新的光绪皇帝,遭掌握实权的慈禧太后软禁。

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