Oh My Heroes! 超人哪里找?

Oh My Heroes! 超人哪里找? - EP6

23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Pearl & Chun Chang KidzCare@Kembangan - Chai Chee , a programme initiated by Pearl and run by Chun Chang , aims to uplift children from low - income families . Since its start in 2013 , it has benefitted over 200 children , primarily those living in the cluster of one - room rental flat in Chai Chee , ensuring that their welfare are taken care of . As they got to know the children better over the years , bonds were built and the children even saw them as their elder brothers and sisters . Uncle Tan Chey Tey There are a few blocks of rental flats at Chai Chee area where many seniors live , including Uncle Tan . Since an accident 6 years ago , which made him rethink his attitude to life , Uncle Tan has been serving lunch 6 days a week to about 50 seniors in the neighborhood , buying ingredients out of his own pocket . He tries to vary the dishes , and even accepts requests from them . He said he has gained more satisfaction helping the poor , compared with his younger days as a businessman . 蔡美珍&冯允藏 KidzCare是两人发起的一个计划,专门为居住在菜市地区,低收入家庭的孩子提供补习和策划活动,至今已经有超过两百个孩子受惠。在2013年开始的时候,他们也面对了很多的阻力,例如家长的不信任,场地的局限等等,但他们真心希望能够帮到这些孩子,于是逐门逐户的去拜访,让家长放心。这些年下来,参与的义工和孩子们都建立了深厚的情谊。 陈金泰 菜市区有几座租赁组屋,居住的大多是年长的老人家,其中就包括陈金泰。他退休之前曾经从商,生意失败后担任保安员。6年前他遭遇意外而卧床几个月,之后他意识人生无常,何不利用有生之年做些好事。他知道附近有些老人因为不方便煮,又不想天天打包外头的饭菜,于是心生一念,干脆由他来煮给大家吃好了。每周6天,他都自掏腰包去巴刹采购食材,下厨烹煮50人的饭菜,让老人家有热腾腾的午餐吃。他还下足心思,每天更换不同的菜色,搭配饭后水果或甜品。尽管这样劳心又劳力,他丝毫不觉得辛苦,看到老人家吃得开心,他就很满足了。

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