Oh My Heroes! 超人哪里找?

Oh My Heroes! 超人哪里找? - EP9

23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

Lawrence Loh Lawrence started as a photography enthusiast and had started volunteering as photographer at several Voluntary Welfare Organizations since 2010 . Portrait from the Heart is a community project spin off from Lawrence with aim to help hospice patients , family with special needs children , as well as members of Rare Disorder Society of Singapore and their family take a professional taken family portrait . The service is free and complete with makeup , hairstyling and portraiture shoot . Tan Ah Choo Mdm Tan volunteers to take care of elderly couple Mr & Mrs Tan (age 99 and 88 respectively) who live next door . They depend on the goodwill of Mdm Tan who has been cooking nutritious meals for them daily for the past 10 years . When Mrs Tan went for a cataract surgery recently , Mdm Tan even helped to apply eye drops 3 times a day . Besides extending a helping hand to her immediate neighbours , she frequently cooks for others within the community . 卢汉钏 开始时,摄影只是他的业余爱好。2010年,朋友请他到慈善机构帮忙拍照,他意识到原来摄影也可以帮到他人,于是就成立了"爱心全家福",为晚期病患或家有罕见疾病的小朋友拍摄全家福。这些病人都是在跟时间竞赛,所以他必须尽快的招集其他义工来完成任务。从最初的几个人,到现在有整组的妆发、灯光、摄影师、协调员等等,运作越来越有规模。每个参与的义工都只有一个共同目标,就是为病患和家人拍下最灿烂的笑容,保留一个最美好的时刻。 陈亚珠 过去的十年,亚珠姐和丈夫沈裕福都在主动的帮忙照顾邻居。这对老夫妻分别有99岁和88岁了,没有孩子,老太太行动又不方便,于是亚珠姐每天煮晚餐时都会备多一份,让丈夫送去给隔壁邻居。老太太眼睛有白内障,动了手术后也是亚珠姐一天三次的帮忙滴眼药水。她不认为这么做有什么麻烦,反正都是邻居,互相照料是应该的。每逢过年过节,她煮了什么特别的佳肴,也不忘给附近的好友和邻居送上一份。

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