Oh My Venus 我的维纳斯 (Dual Sound)

Oh My Venus 我的维纳斯 (Dual Sound) - EP16

46 Mins
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel U Published: 09 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yinghao got into an accident after he tried to save Juncheng and was sent to the hospital. Zhuen felt uneasy after she could not contact Yinghao. Zhuen visited Xiuzhen when she did not turn up for work for a few days and their friendship was rekindled.英浩为救俊成槽遇车祸,紧急送院。珠恩无法联络英浩,开始不安。秀珍几天没上班,珠恩念在曾是朋友一场,上门探望她。俩人的误会因而和解。

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