Old is Gold - The Bliss Keeper 老友万岁之守护幸福

Old is Gold - The Bliss Keeper 老友万岁之守护幸福 - EP1

91 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xinxin and Eliz move into a new flat. Ping Pong took the chance to hint about getting married, but Xinxin is still wary of the age difference between them. One day, Ping Pong receives a letter from his grand uncle Jin Long. Philip cautions him that it could be a scam. When Ping Pong finally meets Jin Long, he was stunned that Jin Long looks exactly like his grandfather. To help Xiang Rong catch the culprit who has been ringing their doorbell in the middle of the night, Ping Pong goes to Xinxin's house for the night. Jin Long took the opportunity to ransack Ping Pong;s drawer and checks on his bank statement. Later, Xinxin finds out that Jin Long has been eyeing on Eliz's bank statement as well. She tells Ping Pong about it and they ask Jin Long for his reason. Jin Long tries to cover up by being upset and Ping Pong tries to pacify. One day, Shasha returns home with Eliz to find the main door ajar. A man has break into their flat... At the same time, Jin Long gets ready to escape with the money he has taken from Eliz, but the mysterious man Li Ye who has been stalking Jin Long shows up, wanting to take revenge. When Li Ye tries to run away with the money, he stabs Uncle Zhou who is there with Ping Pong to stop Jin Long... 欣欣和丽娥搬新家, Ping Pong 趁机表示可以卖掉自己地三房式组屋,但是欣欣仍然对于年龄的差距有所顾忌。一天,Ping Pong 接到一封自称是马票叔失散的弟弟张金龙的来信,说要到新加坡探亲。Philip和老周危言耸听,认为可能是骗子。Ping Pong接机,发现外叔公与外公长得一模一样。欣欣刚搬进新家不久,就有人连续三更半夜按门铃骚扰。 PP 知道此事,和向荣守夜埋伏捉人。金龙则趁PP不在家,翻找PP存折。之后,欣欣也发现金龙看丽娥存折,想起老周的提醒,质问金龙,金龙否认,做戏怪PP不信任他,以退为进要搬走,PP安抚。 这天,莎莎带着丽娥回家,发现门没关上,见到一名男子在屋内... 同时,欣欣发现丽娥存折少了10万,怀疑金龙所为。这时金龙正提着行李和现金10万块准备逃走,一直跟踪金龙的神秘人李业持刀来到,老周替PP挡了一刀...

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