On The Red Dot 2016

On The Red Dot 2016 - EP44

Fri 17 Mar 2017 - In My Parents' Shoes
23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Mar 2017 Audio: English

In My Parents’ Shoes follows three children as they return to their parents’ homeland to rediscover their roots. The children, between the ages of seven and 11, have spent most of their lives in Singapore, after their parents settled here either as new citizens or permanent residents. The parents, who are from China, India and the Philippines, celebrate their children's integration into Singapore but at the same time, worry that they may lose their traditions. They fear their children may have become too used to the good life, with little idea about how they themselves grew up. In the second of four parts, Nina, Wenxuan and Priya take on the chores their parents used to do, from slaughtering livestock to working in a banana plantation.

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