On The Red Dot 2017

On The Red Dot 2017 - EP15

Fri 14 Jul 2017 - A Different Beat 1: Down Syndrome
22 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Jul 2017 Audio: English

On the Red Dot focuses on the plight of persons with special needs and their families in "A Different Beat". The five - part series zooms in on the challenges parents face in raising a child with special needs and how they try to provide them with whats necessary to lead productive and meaningful lives. The stories show how such individuals can indeed contribute to society in their own way when given support and love from those around them. In this episode, we meet Quek Hong An and Nadhrah Daud, both adults with Down syndrome who, with the help of their parents, peers and employers, have managed to excel in their jobs and their passions. Hong An and Nadhrah were born with a series of health problems, but their parents never gave up on them. They instead gave them ample opportunities to learn and engage in anything they took an interest in. Today, Hong An works in a mushroom farm, while Nadhrah has a job in a fast food restaurant.

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