On The Red Dot 2017

On The Red Dot 2017 - EP26

Fri 6 Oct 2017 - Do You Remember 1: Street Wayang
23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 06 Oct 2017 Audio: English

They were once part and parcel of everyday life in Singapore. Now, they’re just curious reminders of our colourful history. “Do You Remember” is a 4 - part series that revisits Singapore’s fading heritage and meets the men and women striving to keep it alive. This debut episode shines a spotlight on the dying art of Teochew opera. Starved of young blood, Singapore’s oldest Teochew troupe, Lao Sai Tao Yuan, has pulled in a surprising new performer, Prudence Roberts from Australia. The troupe also has a new boss, TV actor Nick Shen, who believes in reaching out to schools to promote Chinese opera. Meanwhile, Singapore’s last Teochew puppet troupe, Sin Ee Lye Heng, is staging a midnight performance in a cemetery. Tina Quek helms the 40 - year - old troupe, and her three children perform as singers, musicians and puppeteers. But the troupe’s future is bleak, and Tina is worried that her children won’t be able to make a good living.

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