On The Red Dot 2017

On The Red Dot 2017 - EP3

Fri 24 Nov 2017 - The House Guest
23 Mins

By Channel 5 Published: 24 Nov 2017 Audio: English

In a bold social experiment, On The Red Dot takes three strangers to stay with a family… of a different race ! These three young Singaporeans have few friends from other cultures. But with their forced proximity, will existing prejudices prove too much to overcome for both the host family and their house guest ? In the final episode of this special 3 - part series, Maha Letchmi and her family play host to Cheryl Lew, a young Chinese Singaporean who very little understanding of the Indian culture. 24 - year - old Events Host Cheryl studied in a SAP school and had never ventured outside her own cultural bubble to make friends from the Indian community. In the four days leading up to the family’s much - anticipated Deepavali celebrations, Cheryl tries to fit in and not offend her hosts, even as she tries to debunk her misconceptions and learn more about the culture.

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