On The Red Dot 2018

On The Red Dot 2018 - EP33

Fri 28 Dec 2018 - We Are Family 3
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 28 Dec 2018 Audio: English

This December, On The Red Dot celebrates families who are doing their best under challenging circumstances, families struggling against the debilitating effects of rare medical conditions and disabilities, when a simple act like holding hands or even a flower turns into a struggle for survival. Join us as we take you on an intimate journey into the lives of 3 inspirational families and rediscover the power of love during this festive season. We Are Family 3 - Zakiah has lost her fingers and toes to an extremely rare disease that blocks blood flow to her arms and legs. But although she is living a life in excruciating pain, she hasn’t lost her determination to be a good mother to her 6-year-old son, even if it means sacrificing what’s left of her limbs.

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