On The Red Dot 2018

On The Red Dot 2018 - EP35

Fri 11 Jan 2019 - Old Enough! 2
23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 11 Jan 2019 Audio: English

This series is limited for viewing in Singapore only. Share the refreshing wonder, amazement, humour and charm of little children going on big adventures ! On The Red Dot presents Japan’s long-running hit show ‘Old Enough ! ’, showcasing nine determined preschoolers as they overcome their fear and run errands on their own for the very first time. Excited and overjoyed about the mission, overwhelmed with fear, or simply filled with boldness and courage, the kids are all irresistibly adorable every step of the way ! Old Enough ! 2 - 4-year-old Ming Zheng and Ming Yu are a pair of mischievous twins. Running an errand on their own for the first time, a power struggle erupts as they attempt to prepare a picnic for their mum's birthday. Chloe’s poor sense of direction causes her to lose her way just minutes into her errand. But the plucky 5-year-old soon discovers something surprising about herself.

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