Palu - Sebulan Berlalu (Palu - A Month After)

Palu - Sebulan Berlalu (Palu - A Month After) - EP1

43 Mins

By Suria Published: 10 Nov 2018 Audio: Malay

A double blow of disaster leaves the island of Palu in devastation and disarray. In a span of one month, Channel NewsAsias documentary filmmakers meet survivors coping with the enormous aftermath, losing livelihoods, homes and loved ones. We meet brave individuals - an air traffic controller with a comrade killed in the line of duty, a shop owner placing solar panels on survivors' homes, parents with children swept away by the tsunami and other desperate townsfolk struggling to salvage whatever pieces remain of their lives. Volunteer rescuers step in from all across in Indonesia, drawn to the plight of their countrymen. Aftershocks continue as the islanders face the greatest test of human resilience.

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