Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命

Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命 - EP1

13 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 17 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

施语恬自小过得一帆风顺,但有一个童年的心愿未竟,年过不惑的她下了决心,放弃了微生物研究员的高薪,做起盈亏自负的甜点生意,可惜订单无几。 语恬带了亲手做的甜点出席老同学的聚会,同学们一贯地说这带刺的奉承话,却不经意地透露她们更喜欢桌上另一个不起眼的甜点。 虽然心有不甘,语恬吃了这甜点后却不禁惊为天人,决定要拜见制作这好物的大师。她在寻人的过程中认识了Monica和小D。 Yu Tin has led a smooth-sailing life since she was young. However, an unfulfilled childhood dream causes her to quit her high-paying job in biomedical research to open her own baking business. Unfortunately, business is poor. Yu Tin brings her hand-made desserts to her old classmates’ gathering. To her dismay, her classmates criticise her skills and reveals that they prefer the unappetizing-looking desserts on the next table. Indignantly, Yu Tin eats the unappetizing-looking desserts. She is amazed by how delicious they are and decides to find the baker behind the desserts. While searching, she meets Monica and Hsiao D.

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