Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命

Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命 - EP2

13 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Apr 2017 Audio: Chinese

虽然语恬恳切请教这甜点的材料,小D却不置可否。 隔日破晓前,语恬就在店外等候,希望可以诚意说服 小D。对于语恬的毅力,小D既感慨又无奈,便着她露两手来看看。 小D带着语恬一起去送货,提醒她注意那家的妈妈如何把孩子嫌弃的蔬菜融入他们爱吃的甜点里。 Despite Yu Tin’s sincerity in wanting to learn from Hsiao D, he refuses her request. Before dawn cracks, Yu Tin waits in front of Hsiao D’s store to try to persuade Hsiao D. Seeing Yu Tin’s perseverance, Hsiao D reluctantly gives in and asks her to show him her skills. Hsiao D brings Yu Tin along on one of his deliveries and gets Yu Tin to pay attention to how the mother gets her child to eat vegetables using his favourite dessert.

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