Playground 游乐场

Playground 游乐场 - EP4

28 Min
Mature Themes 成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Insp Susannah is suspended from the case and work and Nick becomes the lead investigator. Tan Lian Sheng finally came out of coma, but upon further questioning by Nick, he had a relapse. Nick managed to track down Tan Le Tian’s subject of affection – Lynn and she seemed troubled. Susannah continues to work on the case privately and she catches up with Lisa again – she finds out that Tan Le Tian is depressed recently. With Nick lending a hand, Susannah finally manages to track down the voyeur…… 女刑警《郭汉娜》遭停职查办,拍档《沈君豪》接手全权查案。昏迷已久的陈连胜终于苏醒,但是经《沈君豪》审问,因身体虚弱依然无法提供有利线索。《梅舒菱》要求《沈君豪》给她点时间提供破案线索。郭汉娜私下去和陈乐天生前好友LISA见面,发现陈乐天生前似乎被家庭情况困扰而忧郁。最终《郭汉娜》在沈君豪的暗中协助下查到偷窥狂的身份和行踪。。。。。。

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