Police And Thief S6

Police And Thief S6 - EP13

Four Freaky Fables Of Fear
23 Mins
Horror 恐怖画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 03 Sep 2014 Audio: English

Everyone’s favourite Channel 5 comedy duo Police Sergeant Dollah and hairstylist Tok Kong, are back with their cat and mouse chasing, sabo - ing, tek - kan - ing, ka - chow - ing antics. But now they’re doing it even funnier because after 5 seasons of scuffling and tussling and squabbling, Dollah and Tok Kong have found their groove. They, together with a star - studded line up of guest stars that includes Chew Chor Meng, Moses Lim, Andrea Fonseka, Richard Low, Abigail Chay, Sebastian Tan among others, are back to remind all viewers, young and old, that life is fun and funny even in this economic gloom and doom. The finely honed chemistry between Mark Lee and Suhaimi Yusof reaches a whole new peak this finale season, proving that Police and Thief has carved itself a special place in the history of Singapore comedies, with their well - established tradition of good clean fun for every one of all ages, races and sizes. Sharon Wong will replace Margaret Lee as Tok Gong’s wife Lily in the final season.

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