PornTeng No More! 生活不PornTeng

PornTeng No More! 生活不PornTeng - EP11

3 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 10 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

《生活不Pornteng》 is a talk show series where hosts Pornsak and Lee Teng provide useful tips on how to manage and cope with different areas of your everyday life. With the perfect combination of wit and humour, they will tackle work and social issues to help viewers strike a healthy balance in life ! 《生活不PornTeng》是一档由 Pornsak 和 李腾 主持的短片,节目中他们俩一个犀利大胆,一个风趣幽默,用新奇有趣的生活小话题,让你在捧腹大笑的同时轻松获得各种技能和妙招,帮助你在职场和社交中应对自如,在生活中取得平衡。

PornTeng No More! 生活不PornTeng
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