Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传

Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传 - EP25

46 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Before she dies, Bai Sheng tells Yan Xun that he must live, no matter what, to ensure the survival of his family and countrymen. But while Yan Xun and Chu Qiao are imprisoned, many attempts are made to kill them by their foes. 临死前,白笙告诉燕洵,不管情况如何恶劣,他都得咬紧牙根活下去,以延续燕家的香火,保护燕北的黎民百姓。可是,当燕洵与楚乔被关在天牢时,他们的所有死敌,却前赴后继,欲置他们于死地。

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