Psychic Kids: Children Of The Paranormal S1

Psychic Kids: Children Of The Paranormal S1 - EP6

Angels and Demons
43 Mins
Supernatural Content 灵异题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Sep 2016 Audio: English

Your child comes to you and says "I see dead people." What do you do with that information? Many parents are scared and isolated with problems that they often keep quiet because of what their neighbors, friends and community would think if they spoke about their children's paranormal abilities. Now, thanks to Medium Chip Coffey and renown psychologist and Columbia University professor, Dr. Lisa Miller, help is on the way. Medium Chip Coffey utilizes both his abilities in the paranormal and his Masters Degree in Psychology when he deals with children who are showing signs of possessing psychic and medium abilities. Chip aims to help the child with the supernatural phenomenon he or she is experiencing: how to manage this lifelong "gift" and the burdens that sometimes go along with the paranormal abilities. Dr. Lisa offers credibility to the viewer that validates the child's mental health, and helps the children and families deal with the inter-family conflict they may be experiencing.

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