Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡

Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡 - EP11

23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

Qian Bei and Ma Li tell Si Mei, Dong - gu and the others that the investment company has closed down while the in - charge has run away. Si Mei is unhappy that her savings have been cheated from her and wants to call the police. Qian Bei claims that he has already done so and it has been published in the papers. Everyone is furious but at a loss of what to do. Zi Xin overhears Ma Li and Qian Bei's conversation and realises the two have indeed cheated everyone of their money. He calls the police. 千杯和玛丽告诉四妹、冬姑等人,投资公司已经关门大吉,负责人也跑路。四妹不满棺材本被骗,扬言要报警追究。千杯表示已报警,报纸还有刊登,众人生气又无奈。自新听到玛丽与千杯两夫妻的对话,知道两人确实骗了大家的钱,便报警处理。

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