Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡

Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡 - EP118

22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Shouyi packs his luggage and plans to run away. Zixin asks him to reconsider his decision but Shouyi remains silent. Zixin goes to Tian Tian Lai feeling frustrated and confused. Dacai understands his struggles and persuades him to place righteousness above family loyalty. Before leaving, Shouyi calls Zixin to bid him farewell, while feeling bad inside. Zixin is caught in a dilemma but finally decides to call the police. 守义收拾行李,打算弃保潜逃。自新要他再想清楚,守义不语。自新心烦意乱地来到天天来,大彩明白他的挣扎,劝他大义灭亲。守义临走前致电自新,内心同样纠结难受。自新陷入天人交战,最终还是把心一横,拨电报警。

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