Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡

Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡 - EP137

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Seeing how Zixin jumps to protect Dacai, Zhong Ling questions Zixin if he has fallen for Dacai. Dacai is quick to deny this but Zixin admits to Zhong Ling that he no longer has feelings for her. He hopes that she will give up on him. Zhong Ling vows not to give up and leaves angrily. After that, Zixin and Dacai recall the intimate incident between the two of them, their hearts full of embarrassment.钟灵见自新第一时间拥着大彩,质问他是否爱上大彩。大彩忙否认,但自新坦言对钟灵没有感情,劝她放手。钟灵誓言不放弃自新,懊恼离开。事后,自新和大彩想起两人之前不经意的亲密互动,内心都泛起涟漪。

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