Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡

Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡 - EP138

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Jingxin takes out her identity card to prove to Duo Duo that she is indeed Jingchu's sister. Duo Duo finds it hard to accept the fact that Jingchu is no longer alive. He reads the last words left by Jingchu and feels pained. Dacai tries to comfort him but to no avail. Zixin takes Dacai's hand and asks her to give Duo Duo more time. As the two hold hands, they start to develop feelings for each other.婧心拿出身份证,证明她是婧初的妹妹,多多难以接受婧初已经离世的事实。他读着婧初留下的遗言,悲痛不已,大彩劝说无效。自新拉着大彩的手,叫她给多多一些时间。两人握着对方的手,一股情愫逐渐产生。

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