Remember 儿子的战争 (Dual Sound)

Remember 儿子的战争 (Dual Sound) - EP19

46 Mins
Some Drug References 些许毒品相关内容;

By Channel U Published: 06 May 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Rujing finds out from Guiwan that he is the real murderer of Zhenya. She understands now why Zhenyu hates him so much and seeks every opportunity to gather evidence of the crimes he has committed to put him behind bars. Rujing is disappointed with what Guiwan has done. 汝静从圭万口中得知他才是杀死贞雅的真凶,也终于明白为什么振宇对他恨之入骨,一直在找机会收集他犯罪的证据,要将他绳之于法。汝静对圭万的所做所为感到失望。

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