Remember 儿子的战争 (Dual Sound)

Remember 儿子的战争 (Dual Sound) - EP22

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 12 May 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Shanghao asks Zhenyu to defend Donghao in court. Zhenyu rejects as he recalls what Donghao has done to his father. Shanghao tells Zhenyu that five years ago, Shui Guiyi stopped Donghao from proving Zaihe’s innocence and that Donghao has been investigating Nan Rihao recently. Zhenyu sinks into deep thoughts. 尚皓请振宇为东浩辩护,但振宇想到东浩之前对父亲载赫所做的那些事所以拒绝了。尚皓告知五年前,东浩本要将视频拿出来为载赫洗刷冤屈,却被石桂一阻止。另外,东浩最近一直在调查南日浩的事。振宇听了尚皓所说的种种,若有所思。。。。。。

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