Salam Ramadan Korea (Ramadan Greetings From Korea) - EP1

Muslim Lifestyle in Korea
23 Mins
;General Viewing;

By Suria Published: 29 May 2017 Audio: Malay

After the liberalization from military rules in the 80s, South Korea has prospered by leaps and bounds in the period called the Miracle on the Han river, and now the country has a similar per capita economic standing to Western Europe, Japan, and the United States. The re-emergence of Islam in Korea was during the Korean War where the UN command had enlisted the help of the Turks who has laid its mark and influences over the years till now. With the recent globalization and increasing flux of talents and cultures between countries, the Muslim community here has undergone many changes and has strived to maintain and sustain their Islamic cultures over the years. Let’s see how they observe Ramadan in the holiest month of the Islamic calendar!

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