Salam Ramadan Sarawak

Salam Ramadan Sarawak - EP2

Sri Aman / Kuching
17 Min

By Suria Published: 12 May 2019 Audio: Malay

In episode two, we will visit Sri Aman, a historic town perched beside the Batang Lupar River; renowned for its tidal bore, known locally as Benak. With about 60 known places in the world where this tidal wonder occurs, Batang Lupar River's tidal bore is also ranked fourth among the top tidal bores in the world. Being a microcosm of multiculturality, Sri Aman also offers a unique fusion of halal cuisine right in the heart of the town. At Sri Aman, the Sarawak Islamic Information Centre holds a special iftar picnic besides the Sarawak River. We will get to join a unique fast breaking experience with Muslims and invited guests from different faiths.

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