Save The Family 守护家族 (Dual Sound)

Save The Family 守护家族 (Dual Sound) - EP34

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 08 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yiyuan offers to move Shimei and the children to a well - renovated and spacious apartment . Shimei is tempted , but Haixiu does not want to accept Yiyuan's offer as their pride would be compromised in future . Shimei leaves home after a quarrel with Haixiu . 艺苑说要让世美等人搬到设备齐全的公寓去,世美心动。海秀不同意搬家,说若接受艺苑的帮助,往后就必须对她低头哈腰。世美跟海秀争吵后离家。

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