Save The Family 守护家族 (Dual Sound)

Save The Family 守护家族 (Dual Sound) - EP38

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

While initially biased against Xizhen , Zhengshu changes her views about her when Xizhen impresses with her decorum . Yuzhen and Haixiu do volunteer work at a village . Yuzhen saves Haixiu when she almost drowns . 政淑约见熙真。熙真的谈吐及为允灿说尽好话的一面令政淑对熙真刮目相看。宇真和海秀一起到农村去做义工。海秀为了救一名小孩,险些溺水,幸好宇真及时把她从水里救起。

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