Save The Family 守护家族 (Dual Sound)

Save The Family 守护家族 (Dual Sound) - EP42

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 14 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Yiyuan refuses to accept a break - up with Yuzhen . In a bid to get Yiyuan off his back , Yuzhen tells her that he has already started a relationship with Haixiu . Haixiu is happy even though she knows Yuzhen is not really in love with her . 艺苑一直不肯接受分手,宇真为了摆脱她,说已经喜欢上海秀。海秀一开始很错愕,后来虽然知道宇真只是把她当挡箭牌,却也很开心。

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