Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜 (TIF)

Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜 (TIF) - EP10

46 Mins
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适;

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

Liu Lian Sao sees Xi Gua Sao chatting with a man, she goes up and asks Xi Gua Sao who he is. Xi Gua Sao reveals she had once lent $5,000 to a friend's husband for an emergency and now his son wants to return $100,000 back instead. Xi Gua Sao refuses to accept the money and Liu Lian Sao accepts it on her behalf. Liu Lian Sao tries to persuade Xi Gua Sao to accept the money but she insists on not accepting it and angrily walks off. Unexpectedly, she meets with a car accident after. 榴梿嫂曾见西瓜嫂和一男人在街上拉扯,八卦地问西瓜嫂对方是谁。西瓜嫂透露她曾借过5千元给故友的丈夫应急,现在对方要儿子还她10万,她不肯收。榴梿嫂自作主张,擅自代西瓜嫂收下钱。西瓜嫂坚持不要,生气地走掉,不料却因此发生车祸。

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