Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜

Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

Xi Gua Shu inherited his father's photography studio and runs it with his youngest daughter, Ze Jia. Times have changed and business at the photography studio is no good. As a result, Xi Gua Shu finds it difficult to break even every month, but is insistent on keeping it going. Xi Gua Shu and his neighbour, Liu Lian Sao, are at loggerheads. However, Xi Gua Sao and Liu Lian Sao are good friends who love to chat over durian. 西瓜叔和小女儿泽家一起经营祖先留下来的照相馆,由于时代改变,人手一机,到相馆拍照的人少之又少,导致相馆惨淡经营,但西瓜叔却不愿关闭。西瓜叔和邻居榴梿嫂不和,但西瓜嫂和榴梿嫂却是好友,两人经常一起吃榴梿谈心。泽家不小心撞裂了榴梿嫂儿子远航向陶艺家借来的花瓶,榴梿嫂坚持要泽家赔偿,两家因此闹得不愉快。

Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜
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