Schools Unlimited 求学地图

Schools Unlimited 求学地图 - EP9

44 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

This episode, host Quan Yi Feng visits two Singaporean students in Osaka and Kyoto to see how they overcame loneliness and alienation while adapting and integrating in a foreign land, how they learnt about the rules of survival in the Japanese society as well as finding space for self-development. 这一集节目中,主持人权怡凤前往大阪和京都探访两位本地留学生,并看看她们如何克服在异乡留学的适应和融入的过程中所产生的孤独感和隔阂感,并学会了外国人在日本社会生存的法则,在他乡找到了自我成长的空间。

Schools Unlimited 求学地图
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