Second Chance 流氓律师

Second Chance 流氓律师 - EP9

45 Mins
Juvenile Delinquency 问题少年题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Mar 2015 Audio: Chinese

Wang Baihe, Jingang and Chaoren rob a taxi driver, Liang Youcai. Youcai loses control of his vehicle and kills a passerby, Paul Feng. Dashan accepts the case. He goes to see Baihe, who is in her seventh month of pregnancy. She complains that he is the only person who has visited her in six months. Dashan posts bail for Baihe, so that her baby will not have to be delivered in prison. As her divorced parents refuse to take her in, Dashan arranges for her to stay at a social welfare home. He even allows her to work at Yahui’s office. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days.

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