Secrets Of Women 女人的秘密 (Dual Sound)

Secrets Of Women 女人的秘密 (Dual Sound) - EP2

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 11 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Shulin wants Kangyu to date her before she considers selling her plot of land to Mosung Group. Kangyu rejects her advances and even praises Zhirou in front of Shulin. Shulin drugs Kangyu on the night that he is supposed to pay Zhirou's parents a visit.舒琳要康宇先跟她交往才考虑将土地卖给模盛集团。康宇拒绝她,要她自爱一点,还在舒琳面前称赞智柔,令舒琳很不满。康宇要拜访智柔的父母当天被舒琳下药灌醉结果没有现身。

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