Secrets Of Women 女人的秘密 (Dual Sound)

Secrets Of Women 女人的秘密 (Dual Sound) - EP3

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 12 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Jingri finds out that Shulin has been made use of by Yijiu and also uncovers evidence of Shulin scamming Kangyu. Shulin informs Yijiu that their ploy may be exposed soon. Yijiu orders Dongxiu to prevent Jingri and Zhirou from meeting up with Kangyu.景日经过一番调查后发现舒琳被逸九利用,也查到舒琳欺骗康宇的证据。景日带着智柔出发去找康宇。舒琳通知逸九他们的计划即将曝光了。逸九立刻安排东修前去阻止康宇跟姜家父女见面。

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