Secrets Of Women 女人的秘密 (Dual Sound)

Secrets Of Women 女人的秘密 (Dual Sound) - EP43

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Kangyu deliberately arranges for Meilai to bring Zhican home for dinner. Zhican recognises Shulin to be Shunfu the moment he sees her, but Shulin denies that she is Shunfu. Later on, Shulin meets Zhican in private and warns him not to reveal her real identity or she will smear Zhirou's reputation. 康宇故意安排美莱带智灿回家吃饭。智灿一看到舒琳就认出她是顺福,但舒琳坚称智灿认错人。事后,舒琳跟智灿见面,警告他别揭露她的真实身份,否则把智柔塑造成破坏他人婚姻的第三者。

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