Shake It Up 新舞林大会

Shake It Up 新舞林大会 - EP10

63 Mins

By Channel U Published: 06 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Shake It Up is a remake of an old show, Lets Shake It where celebrities are invited for a dance-off but, this time with a new twist. The audience can take part in the judging by giving their own scores. With all genres of dance included, the show promises an electrifying showdown each week. Look out for the performances of these guest- celebrities, Jerry Yan, Neo Hou Minghao, Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang, Deng Lun, Allen Ren Jialun, Dong Li, Qiao Shan, Liu Wei, Peter Sheng Yilun, Qin Lan, Dong Jie, Timmy Xu WeiZhou, Rachel Mao Xiaotong and Wu Xin. 《新舞林大会》是由灿星制作升级打造的一档大型原创明星舞蹈真人秀节目。由国内最顶级舞蹈真人秀制作团队打造,节目覆盖多种舞蹈题材,娱乐圈实力明星大咖云集,致力打造一场顶级明星舞蹈的视觉盛宴。

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