Singer 2018 歌手2018

Singer 2018 歌手2018 - EP11

80 Min

By Channel U Published: 07 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

This series features a modification to the Challenge rounds, with the Challenger entering the competition starting at the knockout rounds instead of Challenge round (where a new substitute singer would enter the competition instead). Challengers must avoid last place on their first week in addition to finishing in top four on the second week (in a combination of both knockout and challenge rounds) to be declared safe; failing either challenge instantly eliminates the singer from the competition. 《歌手2018》与往季竞演结束后统一投票的操作方式有所不同,本季光临现场的大众听审们有两次机会行使投票权力,而新增的这一次机会是“预投票"环节。“预投票"环节,是指500位大众听审在前四位出场歌手中选择一名进行一轮“预投票"。该节目的首发歌手为汪峰、Jessie J、李圣杰、张韶涵、GAI、张天、李晓东;补位歌手为李泉、华晨宇、腾格尔、郁可唯;踢馆歌手为苏诗丁、KZ·谭定安、霍尊,由张韶涵担任该节目的首位女性音乐串讲人。

Singer 2018 歌手2018
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