Small Town Surprises 小城花样多

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多 - EP1

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

In the first episode of Small Town Surprises, our host Sugie brings the Low family to the Pineapple Town of Malaysia, Pontian ! Watch and learn with the Low brothers, Rui Kai and Rui Yi, as they find out how to differentiate between the different types of pineapples, try their hand at harvesting honey from stingless bees, as well as wrap their own wonton dumplings. 第一集的《小城花样多》,城管 Sugie 带领着刘家来到了黄梨之乡-笨珍!跟着我们的刘家兄弟,睿恺和睿奕一起学习不同黄梨品种的区别!刘家兄弟也尝试采收无刺蜂的蜂蜜;最后还品尝到了自己亲手包的云吞!千万别错过8频道乐乐窝,《小城花样多》的首映!

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多
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