Small Town Surprises 小城花样多

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多 - EP2

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Did you know that male and female ducks quack differently ? What do mushrooms need in order to grow ? How is charcoal made from the trunk of a tree ? Find out the answers to these questions in this episode, as our host Hui Xin and the Lee family uncover the surprises that await them in Kuala Sepetang ! 你们知道公鸭和母鸭的区别吗?种植蘑菇需要哪些材料?木炭又是怎么从红木加工制成的呢?这一集的《小城花样多》,我们的女城管慧馨将带领着李家成员,来到位于霹雳州的太平县和十八丁一起探究竟!

Small Town Surprises 小城花样多
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