Smart Cities 2.0 ChU

Smart Cities 2.0 ChU - EP2

Higashimatsushima, Japan
23 Mins

By Channel U Published: 29 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

The Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 taught the country an unforgettable lesson. Rebuild cities as smarter cities, or risk another unthinkable disaster. In this episode, host Jason Pomeroy visits Higashimatsushima to learn about energy-resilience and Japan's version of a smart city.2011年3月11日,日本的东松岛市发生了9级地震。到了今天,“311”仍叫日本人没齿难忘。这个重大灾难,让日本清楚了解到,若再不把城市重建成智慧城,就要等着大难再次临头。城市规划师Jason Pomeroy,在这一集的节目中,到访东松岛市-311的归零地。

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