Smart Cities 2.0 ChU

Smart Cities 2.0 ChU - EP3

Bandung, Indonesia
22 Mins

By Channel U Published: 05 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Bandung city in Indonesia is a city so charming that it used to be called the Paris of West Java. But it's also a city facing urban challenges that is pushing its resources to the limit. Join architect and academic Professor Jason Pomeroy as he finds out how Bandung does smart, the Bandung way.迷人的印度尼西亚西爪哇首都-万隆市,曾被誉为西爪哇的巴黎。不过,这座城市正面对着现代化所带来的挑战,把人民和资源逼到了墙角。城市规划师Jason Pomeroy,将到万隆去了解她转型成为智慧城的独有方式。

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