Smart Cities 2.0 ChU

Smart Cities 2.0 ChU - EP6

Barcelona, Spain
23 Mins

By Channel U Published: 26 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Barcelona is home to the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, the footballing feet of Lionel Messi, and no less then 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Full of history and rich with culture, Barcelona has reinvented itself time and again to become one of the world's most influential cities. After three decades of military dictatorship under General Franciso Franco, democratic Barcelona made itself relevant to the world by positioning itself as a tourist destination - to great success. In 2008, the world financial crisis struck and it hit Spain hard. Barcelona again had to transform itself in order to keep its economy going, this time by making the digital leap and becoming one the world's quintessential smart cities Today, the smart city of Barcelona is not the smart city it was five years ago - and architect Jason Pomeroy is there to find out what the next stage of evolution looks like.

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