Smart Cities 2.0 ChU

Smart Cities 2.0 ChU - EP7

Shenzhen, China
22 Mins

By Channel U Published: 02 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

This week on Smart Cities 2.0, host Jason Pomeroy travels to Shenzhen. It's the hardware capital of the world and China's original special economic zone. Today, it's a city on top of its game, but does success in business equal smart? That's what Jason Pomeroy is about to find out.深圳是世界级工厂和高科技巨头的所在地,这里投资在初创公司的数额多达280亿万美金,仅次于美国。不过,拥有高科技就能改善人们的生活,同时让城市更具智慧吗?城市规划师Jason Pomeroy,到深圳走一趟,进一步了解。

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