Soul Reaper 勾魂使者

Soul Reaper 勾魂使者 - EP1

Soul Reaper 勾魂使者 Ep1
16 Mins
Supernatural Content 灵异题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Oct 2016 Audio: Chinese

Soul最新任务的对象是性感美艳红星Angela(蔡琦慧)。Angela近来人气下滑,逐渐被新晋的艳星Baby(洪凌)取代。Soul通知Angela只剩下7天生命。Angela看了自己的“死亡预告片”之后,害怕不已,不知作何选择。 Angela得知助理Hazel患上了绝症,不久于人世。于是,Angela提出了让Hazel来代替自己死去。Hazel(罗美仪)看在“安家费”份上,答应了。Angela庆幸自己能够活下去,怎么知道Hazel临时退缩,害怕死亡。Angela别无选择,选择了弥补遗憾。Angela在弥补遗憾的过程中,才惊觉自己这一生居然错过了那么多事情,后悔不已…… Chief告诉Soul,Yuna还有Soul似乎都跟Soul父亲平安的死有关…… On his first mission, Soul has to approach hot star Angela (Paige Chua), whose popularity has been on a dip and gradually overshadowed by newcomer, Baby (Hong Ling). Angela is frightened to learn that her life is about to end soon, even more so after watching her ‘video of death’. What should she do in such a short notice? Angela later finds out that her Personal Assistant (PA), Hazel (Bonnie Loo) has been diagnosed with a chronic disease. She offers a compensation if Hazel was to substitute her. For the sake of money, Hazel agrees. As Angela is relieved to have found someone to take her place, Hazel cowards out at the thought of death. Left with no choice, Angela decides to make up for her regrets. Only after her repentance did Angela see the many wrongdoings that she has committed… Meanwhile, Chief tells Soul that both he and Yuna might be linked to his father’s death.

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