Sound Of My Dream S2 梦想的声音 2

Sound Of My Dream S2 梦想的声音 2 - EP7

92 Min

By Channel U Published: 10 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Produced by the same people behind Sing !, Sound of My Dream boasts 5 top-notch mentors, (Sandy Lam, JJ Lin, Yu Quan Group, Jane Zhang), impressive sets and production, and a very unique contest format. The contest witnesses the challenges and preparation each mentor puts into their performances as they prove their worth. And it features stellar performances from mentors and amateurs alike. 本季四组常驻导师为羽泉、林忆莲、林俊杰和张靓颖,主持人为华少。另从本季开始新设立客座导师一位,称之为“神秘导师”,每期更换。第二季在选歌方式与上季不同,选歌、定歌都在录影前,练歌则是在录影前6小时之内完成(上季只有3小时,这季增加音樂導師练歌时间);6小时后在舞台将直接接受追梦歌手讨教。

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