Spicy Hot 火辣辣

Spicy Hot 火辣辣 - EP2

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 08 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Ian Fang joins the spicy search ! He heads to Korea to hunt out street food that best represents the local food culture. He also visits a famous spicy noodles factory and learns to make spicy sauce infused with the essence of nature ! 方伟杰也加入了火辣辣行列出发到韩国寻辣去!辛辣的小吃最能体现当地的饮食文化。伟杰也会走访著名辣椒泡面的制作工厂,同时也会学习制作集合了大自然精华的辣酱!盛大的泡菜节也将让大家一睹当地人齐做泡菜的盛况!

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