Spicy Hot 火辣辣

Spicy Hot 火辣辣 - EP7

21 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Jiafa goes to Manado, Indonesia to explore different spicy cuisine, as well as the locals' favourite chilli - Cabe Rawit ! He meets two entrepreneurial sisters who have created their own chilli sauce to satisfy their raging taste buds ! He also visits an exotic food market to witness the locals' love for spicy food ! 美那多是印度尼西亚最能吃辣的地区,当地人最喜爱的辣椒是Cabe Rawit,家发与当地看准商机的一对辣椒姐妹花碰面,品尝了她们制作的驰名辣蘸酱,以及和辣酱绝配的道地美食,也到访了著名的野味市场,了解当地人对辣椒的狂爱!

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